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About The Artwork

Whimsy, Hope, and a Better Life


“The main thing is to be moved, to love,
to hope, to tremble, to live.”

- Auguste Rodin


There is a certain peace to be found when losing oneself in fantasy that I find wholly unique. A feeling of wonder that is often lost to us, as we take on the mantle of responsibility that comes with adulthood. The magic you feel while undertaking your first adventure into Narnia, Hogwarts, Tatooine, or any number of beloved worlds as a child is as precious as it is singular. I don't think this magic comes simply from the escapism some find in stories, though indeed the ability to escape we find in the pretend of our youth is valuable. Instead I find the magic to stem from a feeling of hope, of newness and purity and otherness that we find in the worlds of our own fantastical making. By immersing ourselves in complete fantasy, we can come back and see our own world anew and with brighter eyes. Through the lens of make-believe we can look at both the joys and sorrows of our lives in new and illuminating ways. We may appreciate anew the light in our world and, perhaps, find better solutions to our darkness.




The lens through which I view the world around me. I overlay the fantasy worlds with my reality, and create the result. I find simply replicating reality a misuse of my paint, and leave that complex practice to the world of photography. My work is infused with a whimsy and a lightness that I hope brings that peaceful calm you may have lost since your childhood.


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About The Artist

"Every child is an artist. 
The problem is how to remain an artist 
once we grow up."

-Pablo Picasso


My name is Megan, but ever since I was a tiny squirt in pigtails and glitter shoes (and matching bows, I was gross) people have been calling me Maude. I’ve been in the business of creating things since around the same time. Over the years, like most kids, I cycled through various dreams; veterinarian, pilot, ballerina, artist. That last one though, that last one stuck with me like nothing else, and eventually, I knew that art was going to be a huge part of my life. I didn’t start my path with some kind of amazing innate talent. Instead, I was gifted with my passion and stubborn determination. I love every second sitting in front of a canvas or dreaming of new creations, and I know no other way to exist and function other than continuing practicing the art of making things, failures and setbacks be damned.
Fast forward a decade or two from the pigtails. Glitter still abounds. I now hold a Bachelors of the Fine Arts with an emphasis in Digital Art from Bowling Green State University. I’ve explored and practiced many different forms of art and design, including but not limited to 2D Art, Fashion, 3D modeling, Video, Sequential Art, and Web Design. Throughout my experimentations with many different disciplines, I’ve found unifying threads of interest in transitioning states and themes of fantasy leaking through the mundane. These ideas transcend the mediums I put to use, unifying my body of work conceptually.

It’s my dearest wish to continue exploring and creating, doing what I know how to do best. I hope I can create beautiful and thought-provoking work to adorn your spaces!